The following artworks are part of a series called Ripples. The first pieces were created for an exhibition at the Frederick R. Weisman Museum of Art in Malibu, CA, and turned into a continuing series for a few years thereafter. A statement about the group of pieces is as follows:



This body of work is an interpretation of movement over fluid surfaces.

Birds gliding across water inspired the initial design of these pieces These birds I saw were so beautiful—how they moved through, under, and over water—that I wanted to emulate and recreate them. With each one’s movements being unique, they became pieces of the universe making their marks in their larger environment.

These ripples reflect an idea I have about human life. That our moving—where we go, what we do, decisions we make, how we think—affect the world around us.

The pieces also represent complexity of relationships—ebbing, changing, tearing, expanding, imperfection, and consequences. The slow disappearance of the rippling waves could be said to illustrate the presence of a peace. The ripple-makers will leave or stop or die, and the powerful and enduring peace of flat nothingness that existed before will return again.

Maybe one feels faint ripples made by others, and follows them—or maybe one carves one’s own path. Maybe simply moving forward brings one closer to land on the other side.