My intention in this piece is to abstractly suggest the sky, which many people find to be a soothing part of the natural world. I hope that viewers will similarly find a peaceful setting in the environment that I have created here.

This installation is part of a broader exploration of bringing components of what is typically outdoors, to indoor spaces. My goal with this is to promote positive thoughts and emotions through associations, as well as a view of nature’s health as very integrated with human health.  

Natural environments have proven to be places sought out by individuals throughout history, for rejuvenation, escape, to meditate on things within ourselves, or to connect with things outside of ourselves. We may go for walks in the park to clear our head or contemplate an idea, or to meet a friend. Vast beaches, mountain expanses, and bodies of water are often sites of relaxations and recreation.

Many people can have a hard time getting out to these places due to challenging physical conditions, labor or career demands, or even weather extremes. That is why my future goal is to make “nature” spaces (or smaller elements/suggestions)indoors. I am investigating hospital environments in particular, as future sites for my work. The growing trend of hospital art projects and studies, occurring internationally, indicate that representations of outdoor places can endorse better moods and lower anxiety levels of individuals. These positive distractions from pain have shown to induce speedier recoveries and better overall workplace atmospheres.

I hope to invoke a feeling of being outdoors by partially or fully surrounding individuals with my installations, a small taste of the natural world through my sculptures, and a sentimental or imagination-provoking illusion to the outdoors through my paintings.